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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

They are coming....

Your new laptops are HERE!

We are working with your school to schedule a FULL DAY when they will be distributed in May.  Please note you will need to turn IN your existing laptop when you pick up your new one.  Here are the required steps to receive your new laptop:
  1. Your current laptop will need to be backed up before you come to pick up your new laptop. You will be leaving with only your new laptop.
  2. You must have your laptop charging cable with you to turn in along with your laptop.
  3. Remove any and all stickers and personal markings on your District laptop.  We will be re-distributing these to students in the fall. 

Below are helpful links to a TTSD IT KnowledgeBase article for backing up and link to the TTSD Tech Blog that will provide you with additional tips:
Thank you for your help in making this a smooth transition by being prepared when you pick up your new laptop! If you need any help after you attempt the backup steps (Backup and Sync, above), please reach out to your school technician for assistance.

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