Sunday, March 21, 2021

Technology Update - Week of March 21

 Elementary Teachers & Canvas Gradebook:

  • The last day for students who are moving to a new class after Spring Break was March 19th.  However, you can still enter and view grades in Canvas Grade by following these directions: 
  • NEW students to your class will be added on March 22nd.  
    • These students will also be added to your other apps on March 22nd/23rd:  Seesaw, Remind, TeacherVUE, iReady, etc.

    New District Internet Filter Being Evaluated:

    • TTSD IT staff, along with staff at Metzger and Deer Creek, have been testing a new internet filter for our student devices.  Features we are looking at are: technician/principal reports & management, YouTube additional filtering, parent reports upon request, user interface for staff to view student activity, "flagged" activity and more.  Anticipated rollout of new internet filter is Sprig-Summer 2021.

      Sunday, March 14, 2021

      Technology Update - Week of March 14th

       Canvas Google Cloud Assignment Issues

      - Student submissions are not showing within Canvas after submitting through the Google Drive Cloud Assignment external tool. Ticket as been submitted with high priority to Instructure/ Canvas. Hope for a solution ASAP. 

      - Temporary workarounds may include: 
      1. Have students email/share their completed assignments with you.
      2. Create a complimentary assignment that is set to an Online assignment where students can submit their Google doc directly from Google Drive. 
      3. Use Google Assignments LTI 1.3 for new assignments
      - How to communicate to students who you have not received an assignment:
      1. Open Canvas > Grades
      2. Click the "Three Dots" next to the assignment name.
      3. Select "Message Students Who"
      4. Full Directions: HERE

      Classroom Communication Options:

      The following Communication tools are available for teachers and are automatically synced with your Synegy classes, daily:

      Return to School Tips

      PHASE 1: CDL setup at school
      1. Take a picture of your home technology setup (including the cable connections)
      2. Use this as a guide for your initial CDL setup in the classroom to ease transition
      3. Call Help Desk for remote support on connections (503-431-4051)

      PHASE 2: Returning to “New” Normal
      1. With Hybrid instruction in mind, consider the set up you need to make the most of in-person instruction (projector use, document camera, etc.)
      2. Place a Tech Request for any assistance you may need for this setup. ES Technicians will work through submitted tech requests and associated classrooms over spring break to set up equipment left out.

      Friday, March 5, 2021

      Technology Update (March 5, 2021)


      THIS Weekend = Maintenance: We reserve the first weekend of each month to perform system and network maintenance to ensure the heath and security of our computer systems.

      • Please anticipate possible interruptions in service on Sunday, March 7th (school network maintenance, email, Synergy access, Google Drive login, etc.)
      • Communication will be sent to families/students as well.

      Secondary school Hybrid/100% Online sign up:

      • Secondary school families will have the opportunity to join school presentations in these coming weeks to learn how to use ParentVUE to sign up for Hybrid or 100% online instruction.  
      • Please reference this video for additional instructions for families or support staff:

      Return to School

      • Our IT Department has been planning for "Return to School" since last March when we began Distance Learning.  We are continuing to work and test the following in preparation:
        • Dark Fiber at 100% of our schools (increased bandwidth)
        • APs in each classroom
        • Maintenance of network switches and access points (APs)
        • Testing and troubleshooting of any wireless or network issues as staff have been working in schools during this time of CDL
      • If you run into wifi issues as you return.  Here are some TIPS:
        1. Turn Wifi On/Off 
          1. This "drops" your computer connection to whatever it believes it's connected to - last AP (home, another classroom, etc.)
        2. Reboot. 😀
        3. Access Point Light "decoding"
          1. BLUE = working with min 1 device attached,
          2. GREEN = Working but no devices attached 
          3. FLASHING OF ANY COLOR = not working correctly
        4. Call 503-431-4051 (Help Desk) or submit a tech request with the following:
          1. Location / can we get the label off access point?
          2. Did you move locations recently?
          3. Full description of issue

          Week of May 13th - Spring Cleaning (and Mac Updates)

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