Friday, July 12, 2024

AI Guidance for Staff

Staff are prohibited from entering confidential or personally identifiable information (PII) into unapproved AI tools, such as those without approved data privacy agreements. Sharing confidential or personal data with an AI system could violate privacy if not properly disclosed and consented to. 

PII Definition: 
  • An individual's name
  • The name of family members
  • The address of the individual
  • A personal identifier, such as a social security number, student/staff number, or biometric record
  • Other indirect identifiers, such as a individual's date of birth, place of birth, and mother’s maiden name
  • Other information that, alone or in combination, is linked or linkable to a specific student/individual that would allow a reasonable person in the community, who does not have personal knowledge of the relevant circumstances, to identify the individual with reasonable certainty

Friday, July 5, 2024

Summer Update

Google Two-Factor Authentication - "MFA" or "2FA"

  • Starting July 8, 2024, all TTSD staff will be required to sign in daily on each device using Google two-factor authentication. This change is part of our initiative to enhance security across our systems, including Synergy, by leveraging Google's robust authentication protocols.
  • Tips and Tricks to ease the transition and build a new daily habit:
    • Have your phone handy and ready when you sign in to Google
    • Create multiple options for receiving your MFA
      • SMS/text message
      • Google Authentication App
      • Call to your TTSD phone extension
  • TTSD Knowledge-base Article: TTSD Google Workspace - Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Synergy "New Gradebook" Rollout for 2024-25

  • Starting Fall 2024, the new grade book interface will be the default view when accessing the usual "Grade Book Main" screen.
  • KB Article: Synergy "New Grade Book" Overview

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Week of May 13th - Spring Cleaning (and Mac Updates)

It's Spring and Time for Mac Spring Updates:

To ensure that our 10,000+ TTSD devices remain in optimal condition for staff and students, we are adopting a shared responsibility model for keeping them updated. The IT Department is dedicated to simplifying this process for you. 

Specifically for Mac users, over the next two weeks, you will receive several prompts on your computer. These are designed to guide you through updating your Mac laptop to the latest applications and operating system versions. This will not only enhance performance but also apply crucial security patches, ensuring smoother and more secure usage.

Here are the dates when automatic updates will be available on your computer. Please take a moment to install them when prompted
  • May 14 (Wednesday AM) - Chrome and Firefox
  • May 15 (Thursday AM) - Papercut update 
  • May 16 (Friday, AM) - Check your Google Drive for Desktop to ensure backups are running  
  • May 20 - 23 (Monday - Thursday)  Mac OS Update 

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NOTE: If you do not want to be interrupted (with some advance notice) on any of the updates, you can take action before the date above using the links provided.

  • Chrome update - LINK 
  • Papercut update - LINK
  • Google Drive for Desktop - Here's a reminder link on HOW TO set this up
  • Mac OS Update - LINK

Monday, April 29, 2024

Week of April 29th - SPRING Cyber Security Training (STAFF) & Digital Citizenship (STUDENTS)

IT'S SPRING!! Time To ...

Empower Yourself & Our Students by Building Your Daily Digital Skills!

Just like in the fall, we have Spring Cyber Security Training for all staff and intentional digital citizenship skill-building lessons for all of our students, regardless of age.  


Cyber Security Training is important for each adult in our system who has a TTSD account (email, Synergy, Infinite Visions, Google, etc) to complete - which is EVERYONE.  Education is our BEST defense against ransomware, phishing, & identify theft - for TTSD data and your own personal data.

Please ensure you complete the Spring 2024 Cyber Security Awareness Training by May 24, 2024

(look for an email invitation in your TTSD InBox or click the link above)


Many of us have witnessed inappropriate or unacceptable behavior from both students and adults on social media and other technologies.  It is essential to educate our students about appropriate technology use in their daily lives, while also incorporating these principles into everyday instruction involving digital resources

During May 2024, please dedicate time to explicitly instruct and discuss with your students the appropriate use of technology in the classroom, throughout the school, and in society.

We use Common Sense Media as our official Digital Citizenship curriculum, if you need/want a specific lesson to help you.  Please use this framework to select your student digital citizenship lesson to ensure topics are covered equally across our levels and content area.

TTSD Student Citizenship - K-12 Scope & Sequence

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Week of March 11: Update on Generative AI @ TTSD

Generative AI at TTSD:

"Generative AI, like a digital assistant, learns from examples to create new content such as images, text, or music. Teachers can use it to create personalized learning materials and interactive lessons. Students can explore creativity by generating art, music, or stories. It aids in problem-solving, language learning, and content creation. However, ethical considerations must be addressed in its use. Overall, generative AI [has the potential to] enhance teaching and learning experiences in classrooms." (OpenAI, 2024).

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT 3.5 [Large language model].

TTSD has many local experts actively learning the new applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) use, both in education and in daily life.  This new paradigm shift in technology has many exciting possibilities for students and education.  However, it also holds potential for unforeseen impacts. As a result, the TTSD community has been collaborating in a variety of ways over the past 12 months to educate ourselves and others around generative AI, emerging technology tools and working to build a common understanding across our community.  Below are some artifacts of our work at TTSD:

TTSD AI Guidance:

    • Students - Current Generative AI tools approved for student login -
      • As of March 2023, no other vendors have signed a student data privacy agreement (including  To see a list of TTSD Approved Vendors: Digital Resource Menu

AI Committee Goals:
  1. Develop TTSD AI Policy: Create a district-wide policy for the responsible use of generative AI by staff and students.
      • With the purpose of providing TTSD staff and students the ability to leverage this new technology in the classroom.
  2. Provide AI Professional Development: Offer continuous training to empower staff and students to effectively utilize AI tools in education. Join us in shaping the future of AI in education.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Week Of January 28th: End of Semester 1

The follow are tips and documentation to help teachers, new and old, with posting grades to student report cards for Semester 1 (SM1), setting up your new classes (SM2) and configuring your gradebooks (SM2).  

There are many helpful document in our TTSD Knowledgebase (KB) to help you through this process. After leveraging these resources, if you are in need of additional support, please place a Tech Request.

Out with Semester 1... 

Elementary School Teachers:

All Elementary Report Card Tips & Documentation

Secondary School Teachers:

Bring on Semester 2...

Secondary School Teachers:

NOTE: New term Canvas course cards will be available to teachers 7 days prior to the 1st day of SM2 and the day prior to the first day of SM2 for students.



As you begin Semester 2, make sure you are only using online resources by vendors who have signed contracts with TTSD, committing to keep our student's personal data secure.  To see which apps and Canvas LTI resources you can use, see:

Don't see the app or online tool listed??  Just complete a Digital Resource Request Form to ask for assistance in getting the vendor to commit to keeping our student data safe. 

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Week of October 30, 2023



Are you experiencing any of the following issues with your classroom Apple TV:
  • Delay in sound coming from your computer to your display (through your AppleTV)
  • Unable to connect to your Apple TV through the Mac laptop control panel (just spins)
Unfortunately, this issue (or "bug") has arrived with the newest version of AppleTV, TVos 17.x 
Once Apple fixes this issue, we will communicate the solution & push the update out to all managed AppleTVs.
Trivia tip: The software of an AppleTV is called the "tvOS."
Temporary Solution:
  1. Restart the AppleTV using the Apple TV remote
    • Open Settings on Apple TV, go to System and select Restart.


Did you attend the Classified Inservice on TCP and would like some tips on how to access the TCP system? Please see the Knowledge-base Articles below:


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AI Guidance for Staff

Staff are prohibited from entering confidential or  personally identifiable information (PII)  into unapproved AI tools, such as those witho...