Friday, April 3, 2020

Support for K-5 Parents & Students on TTSD iPads

Support for K-5 Parents & Students on TTSD iPads

Wow! What an exciting week of getting elementary students their iPads so they can continue their learning at home with the tools they are use to at school.  With the rollout of our 5000+ iPads to homes this week, there are a few hiccups and details to share.  Please refer to the following when troubleshooting issues with your child's iPad:

  • Student ipads may be prompted for "Proxy Authentication Required" in a pop-up screen the first time it connects to a new network. Please login with your child's TTSD account.  
  • Please use the "TTSD Web Filter" (app that looks like a lock) daily to log into the TTSD filter.  
  • The second issue we have run into Thursday and Friday is that SOME student accounts in grades K-5 are getting Login Failed.   We hope to have this problem solved by Monday or Tuesday next week. Thank you for your patience.

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Kaylee Brown said...

You are doing great job, these iPads will bring significant change in life of students, they can use it to explore new dimentions of learning. They can use it for online classes and paper help.

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