Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Week of May 2

Chrome Browser Update to version 101 

  • Chrome is the TTSD preferred browser for most resources.
  • Run updates regularly (weekly) to apply security updates.
  • Please UPDATE your Chrome to version 101 
    • OPTION 1:
      • Look for the UPDATE button in the upper right corner
      • Click UPDATE (this will restart your browser AND update your Chrome)
    • OPTION 2:
      • Click the Chrome Menu
      • Click About Chrome
      • Note if there are updates and if there are, you will be prompted to "Relaunch Chrome"

Want to get your message out? 

Make Your PDFs "ready" for ALL USERS...

PDF files can either be a picture or readable TEXT.  Optimally, all PDFs TTSD users post online are readable TEXT.   

WHYOften, a PDF is inaccessible for our students because PDFs are "flattened" documents or a picture of words, not actually words, on a page.

HOW You can easily make your worksheets, handouts, any printed or scanned page accessible by using the OCR button on the copiers in every workroom in every school. OCR stands for Ocular Character Recognition and all that means is the words are readable by digital devices. A few years ago, Tualatin High School made a step-by-step guide on how to use OCR. Follow this link to find those directions because it works on your machine, too.

How to OCR Your Document

MORE INFO: You might have noticed that little purple puzzle piece Notes from the Field: Co-Writer vs Read & Write  in the top right corner of your Chrome browser toolbar. This powerful tool is called Read&Write for Chrome and TTSD has a district wide license for it which means that everyone (teachers, staff, & students) has access! As long as you sign into a Chrome browser with your TTSD email credentials you and your students have access! District or personal devices! With Read&Write everyone has access to Text to Speech (TTS), translation, dictionaries, and so much more! Follow this link for a quick video to introduce Read&Write.

Introducing Read&Write

Installing Read&Write

If you would like to have a more in depth training on Read&Write or any Assistive Technology (it’s not just for SPED) please reach out to Jamie Maier, TTSD Assistive Technology Specialist.

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