Friday, September 25, 2020

Update, Friday September 25th

 Top Technology Tips for Staff:

  • Google MeetWhat You Need to Know! - best practices and options for securely hosting Google Meets to minimize unintended guests. 
      • Q: How can attendees enter your Google Meet session?
      • Q: How do you remove someone from your Meet session?
      • Q: How can students join by phone?
        • A: During the Meet, click Add People and enter the student's phone number to call the student/family into the Meet. 

  • Keep it Simple
    • As we end our 2nd full week of Online School 2020, focus on the basics: community, connection, routine and getting to know the BASE tools: Meet, Canvas, Google Docs.
      • Review the Digital Resources to Support Reopening 2020 list of "intro" apps to build a strong foundation for students/families to get use to their student devices and a TON of new tools.
      • In Canvas, keep your assignments simple.  Use one submission type multiple times (JUST use the media submission or JUST use the textbox, etc.). Students need to experience success on submitting their assignments so they can focus on the lesson and not the tool for submission.

Keep up the Great Work!  Some amazing stats this week:
  • 1200+ Google Meet sessions hosted THIS WEEK alone
  • 11,250 unique users connected to Google Meets THIS WEEK alone (more than TWICE the maximum attendees this past spring)
  • Elementary school Canvas activity (since Sept 14, 2020)
    • Assignments = 78,358
    • Discussion Topics = 1,697

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