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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Google Meet Released Breakout rooms, Polls and Q&A (for browsers)

Creating "Breakout Rooms" & "Polling" with Google Meet:

  • The "long awaited" polls and breakout room function is now (slowly...) coming to TTSD staff, beginning today.  This new feature will roll out slowly across our district.  To see if you have it, within a Google Meet session, look in the upper right corner by Chat and your icon and you may see this new tool (see screen shot).  It appears TTSD students have use of these tools when using Google Meet through a browser, like Chrome or Safari.

  • As we begin our testing of this new feature, we will continue to update this KB article with tips and tricks.  At this point in time, we know using Google Meet on an iPAD using SAFARI browser allows for the use of these new tools for students as well.  We will continue to test and research regarding the Google Meet app to see if these features will roll to the app as well.  

Highlights - Canvas Assignments, Screen Recording, Teaching Online

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