Sunday, January 24, 2021

Technology Update (Jan 24, 2021)

Staff Technical Support?

The IT Department and TTSD technicians want to provide both students/families with accurate and efficient technical support.  Please help communicate the following options to others (staff/students) for the best way to receive efficient, consistent and reliable support:

  1. Tech Request 
  2. Call x4051 (Family & School Help Desk Line)
    1. Help Desk techs can answer quick questions (passwords, system status update, etc.)
    2. If Help Desk cannot answer your question, they can try to connect you directly with your school technician or can enter a tech request for you.
  3. If families call the main school office for technical support, please forward their calls to x4051.
    1. MS/HS [only] can forward to school techs, if previously arranged.  
    2. ES offices, please forward the calls to x4051 IT Help Desk and not your school media assistant.
  4. Emails are not the most efficient way to receive technical support - as they are often lost amongst other emails and may not receive the necessary follow up.  Technicians will create a tech request if emailed. 
πŸ‘ ❤πŸ˜€

** Thank you to all of our 2020-21 “adopted” Help Desk Specialists who have volunteered a few hours a week to help answer IT Help Desk calls. We could NOT provide this support without you! 

Quarter 3 Canvas Course Cards

Timeline for new Quarter 3 course cards (middle and high school teachers):

  • Feb 1, 2021 - New Course cards for QT3 will load for TEACHERS
  • Feb 7, 2021 - New Quarter 3 courses are available to STUDENTS if you publish your class before Feb 8th.
  • Feb 8, 2021 - 
    • 1st day of Quarter 3
    • (Teachers) Last day to post Quarter 2 grades for report card

CANVAS TRAINING - Beyond the Basics

January 13, 2021 provided a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers.  One of the resources made available by the high school instructional coaches and T&L Dept was a “Beyond the Basics” Canvas training by our vendor (Instructure).  The session was recorded and all the notes and guides made available during this training can all be found HERE:

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸΎ CANVAS TRAINING - Beyond the Basics πŸ‘ˆπŸΌπŸ‘ˆπŸΏ


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