Thursday, February 4, 2021

Technology Update (February 5, 2021)


Publish Your New Quarter 3 Course Cards! Please publish your new courses (MS and HS teachers) Sunday Feb 7th or first thing Feb 8th so students can see their Quarter 3 classes before school begins on Monday.

Update Your iPads, Chromebooks & your Chrome Browser. Keeping your device up to date will help your device perform at its best.  Please encourage students to update their iPads and Chromebooks this next week. And, please update YOUR Chrome browser this weekend. 

1 comment:

anna said...

I can’t take more of these chrome updates. Might as well switch to Firefox. Not even apple gets me those dozens of updates every now and then. I’m glad, these updates didn’t gathered up when I approached experts to do my essay online uk based and receiving top grades thanks to those task pieces of tremendous qualities. Or else, the lag would’ve gotten to my progress!

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