Friday, March 5, 2021

Technology Update (March 5, 2021)


THIS Weekend = Maintenance: We reserve the first weekend of each month to perform system and network maintenance to ensure the heath and security of our computer systems.

  • Please anticipate possible interruptions in service on Sunday, March 7th (school network maintenance, email, Synergy access, Google Drive login, etc.)
  • Communication will be sent to families/students as well.

Secondary school Hybrid/100% Online sign up:

  • Secondary school families will have the opportunity to join school presentations in these coming weeks to learn how to use ParentVUE to sign up for Hybrid or 100% online instruction.  
  • Please reference this video for additional instructions for families or support staff:

Return to School

  • Our IT Department has been planning for "Return to School" since last March when we began Distance Learning.  We are continuing to work and test the following in preparation:
    • Dark Fiber at 100% of our schools (increased bandwidth)
    • APs in each classroom
    • Maintenance of network switches and access points (APs)
    • Testing and troubleshooting of any wireless or network issues as staff have been working in schools during this time of CDL
  • If you run into wifi issues as you return.  Here are some TIPS:
    1. Turn Wifi On/Off 
      1. This "drops" your computer connection to whatever it believes it's connected to - last AP (home, another classroom, etc.)
    2. Reboot. 😀
    3. Access Point Light "decoding"
      1. BLUE = working with min 1 device attached,
      2. GREEN = Working but no devices attached 
      3. FLASHING OF ANY COLOR = not working correctly
    4. Call 503-431-4051 (Help Desk) or submit a tech request with the following:
      1. Location / can we get the label off access point?
      2. Did you move locations recently?
      3. Full description of issue

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