Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Technology Update - End of September 2021

Middle and High School Teachers: Canvas "Grade Passback" is READY.  Students can begin seeing their overall grades through StudentVUE by next week:

Knowledgebase Articles: 

      1. "Syncing Assignments & Scores To Synergy ("Grade Passback")
      2. "Canvas Grade Passback - Advanced Features & "Need to Knows""

October is cyber security month

  • Watch for more information about online, self-paced TTSD staff security training!

Multi-factor Authentication for Staff Email:

Coming Soon...2-Step Verification for Google Suite. Required by November 1st 2021.
To clarify a few details:
  • With all the cyber crime, ransomware attacks and phishing attempts directed to K-12 institutions, we need to step up our security to protect our data and our students' data!
  • You may set this up now or WAIT until after school begins and set up 2-Step verification in October.  But Beginning November 1, 2021, it will be required for all TTSD staff Google accounts.
  • We are indeed enforcing 2-factor for the Google suite on November 1st - This means all staff will need to set it up within the next two months in order to access email and drive, etc. (all google things). This will also effect any 3rd party app that uses google to authenticate (Slack, Trello, Freshservice, etc).
  • The primary method we are suggesting is for people to use their cell phone to receive a text or phone call. If you do not want to use a personal device they can use their desk phone or Jabber to receive a phone call, or if you are comfortable you can use any other device to receive other google methods of 2nd factor authentication (google prompt, google authenticator, etc.)
  • Action Item: Detailed instructions for setting up the service can be found at TTSD Google Workspace - Two Factor Authentication (2FA). It only takes a few minutes - just do it now and get it over with! 

Change coming to TTSD Staff iPad's Mail Setup: 
  • On Oct 4th, we will be updating our configuration for TTSD email on TTSD staff iPads in order to accommodate for the 2 factor authentication requirement on TTSD staff email of November 1, 2021.  On Oct 4th, you will notice that your TTSD account will be removed from your iPad.  

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