Monday, September 20, 2021

Week of September 20

 Week of September 20

Help Ticket Best Practices

Thank you for your patience these first few weeks while we juggle all of the beginning-of-year tech setups and hiccups!

We are finding our groove within our new help ticket request system, and have put together a list of best practices that will help ensure that tickets get to the correct person and resolved as quickly as possible.

1. Please include a screenshot of the problem, if applicable.

2. Please include the asset tag number for any devices that the ticket pertains to - it is the number on the red barcode sticker that is on your device.

3. RESOLVED Tickets:

  • If the solution has NOT worked, please reply within the original ticket to re-open it.
  • If the solution HAS worked, please do not reply to the ticket. As much as we appreciate a "thank you!", the unfortunate thing is that those messages both re-open the ticket and send the technician not one but two new emails, thus clogging both their email and the ticket system, which slows everything down. 
  • If you have a separate issue, however, please DO submit a new ticket. For example, if you have an issue with your document camera, and your technician resolves it, but then you have an issue getting in to iReady, that would be a new issue requiring a new ticket - this way it gets to the correct technician faster!

A few things that do NOT fall under the Tech Support umbrella:

  • "My badge isn't working to let me into the building" - Please contact Lisa Beebe in Operations at 4019
  • "My last name has changed so I need my TTSD email to be changed" - Please contact Tara Baumann in HR at 4175
  • "I tried to do XX in Aesop and it isn't working" - Please contact Bobbie Franklin in HR at 4030
  • "I need to set up my email/employee portal/Synergy/Canvas on my personal phone/computer" - unfortunately, we can only provide support on devices that belong to the district, so sorry!

Thank you again for your collaboration, 

and for all the work you do for our TTSD students!

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