Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Happy Classified Employees' Week!


THANK YOU to all of our classified employees - this week and all year long!

Please take a moment to say a sincere "Thank you!" to at least 2 classified staff each day this week!

All TTSD Employees, please review the following guidelines 

  • Key elements: 
    • NEVER share your password with anyone (other staff, subs, etc) [Change Password instructions]
    • If electronic communication regarding a student is necessary, users will send ONLY the student’s ID number and initials for identification.

  • Key elements: 
    • All official TTSD school or District social media sites will be communicated to the Communications Department.
    • Remember that online posts and content are an extension of your classroom or the workplace.  
    • Long-term (24hrs+) storage of student and staff data:
      • Is permitted on TTSD file servers
      • Is permitted TTSD (only) Google apps for education domains - TTSD or TTSDSTUDENT (no personal Google accounts)
      • Is not permitted on mobile device (ie laptop) local drives 
      Is not permitted on flash drives
  • Key elements: 
    • Any loss or damage due to theft, burglary or vandalism must be reported to both the police and the IT department via a Tech Request (include TTSD Tag number) by the next business day.
    • TTSD equipment is not intended for personal use (including personal photo storage)

Internet Filter Rules by Grade Level 

  • Key elements: 
    • List of topic categories blocked
    • If you find a site is blocked but mis-categorized, please submit a Tech Request with the URL in question.

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