Monday, June 13, 2022

Week of June 13th

 End of Year Checklist for All Staff & Teachers

End of Term GRADEBOOK Checklist (Canvas, INC, Synergy)

The end of the school year is a fast-paced time when everyone is looking to help students complete the term.  Please refer to the following KB articles to help you with Canvas > Synergy gradebook sync (make sure you know about "remaster grade passback" and how to support students who are receiving a grade of Incomplete ("I")

Canvas Updates: Fall 2022

  • "Google Assignments LTI" will be the primary Canvas integration for Fall 2022:
    • Allows for a template/copy for each student
    • SpeedGrader integration (available this summer)
    • Visibility to "work in progress" for teachers
  • You can REUSE your 2021-22 course content:
      1. Identify the course that holds the information you would like to copy into a new course.
      2. Go to the course that will receive the material you wish to reuse and select Setting > Import Content into this Course.
    • Canvas is available for Summer Classes - please just submit a Tech Request to have a course made for you.  You will invite your students to your summer course (not rostered from Synergy)
    • There will be NEW Course template for 2022-23 (Preview and Self-Enroll as STUDENT:

    Canvas User Guides for New Quizzes Feature:

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