Thursday, August 31, 2023

LAST Back to School Update

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guidance at TTSD:

  • Students: At this time, there is NO approved AI generating tool approved for TTSD student use (no vendors have signed the Data Privacy Agreement)
  • Staff: At this time, AI tools ARE allowed & encouraged for use by staff with the following TTSD AI Guidance
    • Quick Tips: 
      1. Use ChatGPT as a tool for suggesting edits to your own writing.  Suggested prompts (it's all about the prompts...) include:
        • Make the following more concise: "_______"
        • Check for bias in the following: "_______"
        • Check for tone in the following: "________"
      1. Install Origin AI Detection extension tool (for a quick check on submitted work)
      2. Explore content creation with AI tools such as ChatGPT and Canva's Magic Write: presentations, lesson plans, etc.  (SEE requirement to give credit in TTSD AI Guidance for AI generated content creation)
      3. Use ChatGPT in the classroom with YOUR account to discuss PROs and CONs of AI in our society. 
        • Avoid generating text live on a display in class
        • Review generated text for bias and accuracy before presenting it to students
        • If biases or inaccuracies are detected in generated text, edit the text or determine an appropriate mitigation response prior to sharing the content

        This is good practice, as teachers should read or watch supplemental materials they self-select in full before presenting them to students. This practice aligns with TTSD's Materials Selection and Procurement policy (IIA-AR) which requires staff to check for bias in advance and determine a plan to address any bias located prior to introducing the material - in an effort to support ACB (Every Student Belongs).


  • NOTE: As we explore any new technology, be aware there are pros and cons and potential bias.  Keep yourself up to date with drawbacks of these new AI tools and how they have implicit bias due their human creation: EXAMPLES:

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