Monday, April 29, 2024

Week of April 29th - SPRING Cyber Security Training (STAFF) & Digital Citizenship (STUDENTS)

IT'S SPRING!! Time To ...

Empower Yourself & Our Students by Building Your Daily Digital Skills!

Just like in the fall, we have Spring Cyber Security Training for all staff and intentional digital citizenship skill-building lessons for all of our students, regardless of age.  


Cyber Security Training is important for each adult in our system who has a TTSD account (email, Synergy, Infinite Visions, Google, etc) to complete - which is EVERYONE.  Education is our BEST defense against ransomware, phishing, & identify theft - for TTSD data and your own personal data.

Please ensure you complete the Spring 2024 Cyber Security Awareness Training by May 24, 2024

(look for an email invitation in your TTSD InBox or click the link above)


Many of us have witnessed inappropriate or unacceptable behavior from both students and adults on social media and other technologies.  It is essential to educate our students about appropriate technology use in their daily lives, while also incorporating these principles into everyday instruction involving digital resources

During May 2024, please dedicate time to explicitly instruct and discuss with your students the appropriate use of technology in the classroom, throughout the school, and in society.

We use Common Sense Media as our official Digital Citizenship curriculum, if you need/want a specific lesson to help you.  Please use this framework to select your student digital citizenship lesson to ensure topics are covered equally across our levels and content area.

TTSD Student Citizenship - K-12 Scope & Sequence

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