Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Week of March 11: Update on Generative AI @ TTSD

Generative AI at TTSD:

"Generative AI, like a digital assistant, learns from examples to create new content such as images, text, or music. Teachers can use it to create personalized learning materials and interactive lessons. Students can explore creativity by generating art, music, or stories. It aids in problem-solving, language learning, and content creation. However, ethical considerations must be addressed in its use. Overall, generative AI [has the potential to] enhance teaching and learning experiences in classrooms." (OpenAI, 2024).

OpenAI. (2024). ChatGPT 3.5 [Large language model]. https://chat.openai.com/chat

TTSD has many local experts actively learning the new applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) use, both in education and in daily life.  This new paradigm shift in technology has many exciting possibilities for students and education.  However, it also holds potential for unforeseen impacts. As a result, the TTSD community has been collaborating in a variety of ways over the past 12 months to educate ourselves and others around generative AI, emerging technology tools and working to build a common understanding across our community.  Below are some artifacts of our work at TTSD:

TTSD AI Guidance:

    • Students - Current Generative AI tools approved for student login - Quill.com
      • As of March 2023, no other vendors have signed a student data privacy agreement (including open.ai).  To see a list of TTSD Approved Vendors: Digital Resource Menu

AI Committee Goals:
  1. Develop TTSD AI Policy: Create a district-wide policy for the responsible use of generative AI by staff and students.
      • With the purpose of providing TTSD staff and students the ability to leverage this new technology in the classroom.
  2. Provide AI Professional Development: Offer continuous training to empower staff and students to effectively utilize AI tools in education. Join us in shaping the future of AI in education.

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