Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Week of October 25, 2021

 Technology-Related Reminders for this Week:

  • Oct. is Cyber Security awareness month.  Two requirements:
  • Quarter 1 Grading is around the corner (November 12th is Grading Day):
    • Elementary staff to complete Academic Feedback Form (instructions) and post to Canvas InBox for families to receive
    • Secondary staff to post grades in Synergy to be printed on Qt1 Report Cards (instructions), which will be posted to ParentVUE for families to receive

Technology Need to Know Updates:

  • Please do NOT update to iOS 15 or macOS Monterey. These OSes are not supported by LightSpeed yet. (our new internet filter)
  • Mac users were impacted by a district-wide (3000+ computers) internet filter software updated on Wednesday around 2:30pm.  Reinstalling LightSpeed from Self Service and restarting resolves this issue.  

Canvas Grade Passback:

  • GREAT NEWS - Gradebook nightly sync is now available (KB article for details)
  • Known "Gotchas" as a Reminder:
    • Canvas "do not count towards final grade" setting on assignment does NOT transfer to "not for grading in Synergy gradebook:
      • SOLUTION: do not sync this assignment
    • Canvas "Missing" status on assignment does NOT currently set the MI (missing) comment in Synergy.
      • SOLUTION: View missing individual assignment status in Canvas

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